Engaging our employees

At MDS Global, we value our employees. Read some statistics from 2017 to learn more about life at MDS Global and how we demonstrate our appreciation.


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People stories

Here at MDS Global, we understand that everyone we employ is different and has their own unique story to tell. It’s our people that make MDS Global a success, and we regularly recognise the contribution that they make. Read some of their stories below:

Trevor – Service Delivery Manager

I joined MDS Global as a Business Support Analyst in 2001, and since then have worked in several different roles, including Team Leader, Solutions Analyst, Customer Relationship Manager and Account Manager. I’ve been very lucky to have had great personal development in my time here, from problem-solving to confidence, as well as technical skills too.

I moved into my current role of Service Delivery Manager around three years ago. I’m the main point of contact on the operational side for the customer, so they contact me for any issues, processes or improvements relating to Business Operations. We meet every month to discuss the service we are providing and to review our service level agreements. I really enjoy keeping the customer happy and receiving positive feedback; proof that we are delivering a quality service.

If you’re thinking of joining us, I’d say it’s a great company to work for – the people here are great and we have some fantastic customers. That’s why I’ve stayed for so long. You’ll learn a lot and will be able to develop your skills.

Trevor - Service Delivery Manager
Caitriona - Principal Technical Delivery Manager

Caitriona – Principal Technical Delivery Manager

I joined MDS Global as a Product Support Engineer, then moved into software development, and then progressed to Technical Team Lead. This role involved leading the team, managing software projects from a technical delivery perspective and ensuring that we had the right resources and were delivering quality outputs. My career has really progressed at MDS Global, and that’s what keeps me motivated.

I’m currently working as a Principal Technical Delivery Manager, so I manage projects internally from design through to go live. I love being able to drive projects to completion, which often takes me out of my comfort zone, and we’ve recently embraced some exciting new ways of working.

The best thing about working here is the people. They are a great bunch and are always willing to help and support you. Another benefit is that the company offers flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home, resulting in a great work-life balance. MDS Global encourages people who are driven, so if you love learning and thrive on a challenge, MDS Global would be a great fit for you.

Creativity Tree and Partnership Group

Encouraging our team to use their creativity is at the core of our Company Values. Employees can write their suggestions for how to improve business performance on our creativity tree, and these suggestions are taken forward by our Partnership Group. This scheme gives everyone across the business the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and covers areas such as:

  • Customers – Delight our customers and create value for both them and ourselves
  • Efficiency – Improve processes to make the business more effective and efficient
  • Sales – Encourage initiatives that could generate sales and revenue
  • Quality – Promote effective governance, assurance and a culture of improvement
  • People – Engage people to contribute to success, whilst enhancing well-being

We’ve already implemented some great ideas.