Engaging our employees

At MDS Global, we value our employees. Read some statistics from the past 12 months to learn more about life at MDS Global and how we demonstrate our appreciation.


Average employee tenure (years)

3.3 hours

Average monthly L&D time/employee


Social events


Recognitions awarded


Breakfast rolls consumed at birthday celebrations

What do our employees think about working for MDS Global?

“MDS Global is one of the few places I have worked at that embraces technology for flexible working and collaboration – it enables me to work wherever I am and interact with my colleagues.”
Sam – Monitoring Engineer

“If you take pride in your work, the company will give back to you.”
Mike – Head of Business Delivery

“I’ve been given great opportunities here and have been actively encouraged to grow my career.”
Caitriona – Head of Software Development

Creativity Tree and Partnership Group

Encouraging our team to use their creativity is at the core of our Company Values. Employees can write their suggestions for how to improve business performance on our creativity tree, and these suggestions are taken forward by our Partnership Group. This scheme gives everyone across the business the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and covers areas such as:

  • Customers – Delight our customers and create value for both them and ourselves
  • Efficiency – Improve processes to make the business more effective and efficient
  • Sales – Encourage initiatives that could generate sales and revenue
  • Quality – Promote effective governance, assurance and a culture of improvement
  • People – Engage people to contribute to success, whilst enhancing well-being

We’ve already implemented some great ideas.